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AD Migration Question

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  • AD Migration Question

    We are looking at migrating from our current AD setup (parent + child domains) to a new forest utilizing a resource forest for Exchange. How feasible is this (based on info below) and how difficult? I've done forest to forest migrations before; but never from a forest/child domain to a new forest with Resource Forest.

    Just wondering how painful it is to migrate from Parent holding Exchange, Child holding users to Resource Forest setup.


    ParentDomain = holds Exchange server (and DAG) and a couple of DCs
    ChildDomain1 = holds users, couple of DCs for ChildDomain1, and various resources for ChildDomain1

    ChildDomain2 = holds users, couple of DCs for ChildDomain2, and various resources for ChildDomain2

    Parent-Child trust between ParentDomain and each Child. Shortcut trust between ChildDomain1 and ChildDomain2


    ResourceForest = will hold Exchange + DAG
    Domain1Forest = will hold users and resources from ChildDomain1
    Domain2Forest = will hold users and resources from ChildDomain2

    Trusts built between ResourceForest and Domain1/Domain2. Trust built between Domain1 and Domain2.

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    Re: AD Migration Question

    you have the trust created, yes? then proceed

    Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) Guide: Migrating and Restructuring Active Directory Domains

    Active Directory Migration Tool version 3.2

    and this may also be helpful:
    Password Export Server version 3.1 (x64)

    this page has links to all the 'best practice' guides you will need during a migration including user/computer migration BPs, admt usage BPs:
    Best Practices for Active Directory Migration

    hope that helps, and enjoy!
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      Re: AD Migration Question

      Thank you James. My biggest concern (thus far) is moving mailboxes from the Parent Forest to the Resource Forest and then users from the Child Domains into their own forests (trusted to Resource Forest obviously). Just trying to see if there will be any issues with that. And is it better to move the mailboxes first or the users first in such a migration?

      PARENT (Exchange) ------------ > RESOURCE (Exchange)

      ChildDomain (users) -------------> Forest1 (users)


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        Re: AD Migration Question

        what version of exchange are you running?

        Exchange 2010 Cross-Forest Mailbox Moves

        there is another approach that is somewhat byzantine, but would work if you have a small org and some time...

        you could export the mailboxes to a .pst and then reimport the mail after the migration. i wouldnt do it that way if i could help it, but it would work in a pinch. your not going to do this if you have 500 mailboxes, but just wanted to be thorough.
        its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
        Give karma where karma is due...