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NtFrs Event ID: 1350

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  • NtFrs Event ID: 1350

    What is this then?
    Log Name: File Replication Service
    Source: NtFrs
    Date: 3/31/2013 10:58:34 AM
    Event ID: 13508
    Task Category: None
    Level: Warning
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Computer: RLSSERVER2.rls.local
    The File Replication Service is having trouble enabling replication from RLSSERVER.rls.local to RLSSERVER2 for c:\windows\sysvol\domain using the DNS name RLSSERVER.rls.local. FRS will keep retrying.
    Following are some of the reasons you would see this warning.

    [1] FRS can not correctly resolve the DNS name RLSSERVER.rls.local from this computer.
    [2] FRS is not running on RLSSERVER.rls.local.
    [3] The topology information in the Active Directory Domain Services for this replica has not yet replicated to all the Domain Controllers.

    This event log message will appear once per connection, After the problem is fixed you will see another event log message indicating that the connection has been established.
    Event Xml:
    <Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="NtFrs" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="32768">13508</EventID>
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-03-31T15:58:34.000000000Z" />
    <Channel>File Replication Service</Channel>
    <Security />
    The 2 domain controllers are replicating back and forth. I created an object on one, then created another object on the other and after a few moments they have the same object. I've jumped around on the internet and tried several different things. The two DCs can resolve the other via DNS.

    Everything seems functional on each DC.