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help the replication in AD

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  • help the replication in AD

    hi everyone,

    in case, i have 1 domain with 10 DC are allocated in 5 Site. in number of DC has 1 DC is disconnected from remain DCs.During i deleted some objects in AD. i'm confuse about replication:
    - if not exceed Tomstone life time, this DC is reconnected with system, then the Objects( is deleted) which remain in DC have replicated ( updated) to AD database in other DC?
    - in case offline time exceed TLT then how do replication?

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    Re: help the replication in AD

    i think a little has been lost in translation, so if im off i apologize.

    if the DC hasnt been tombstoned, then there should be no problem. if you loose connectivity for a period and there have been changes to AD since the connectivity loss, you will need to replicate those changes to the reconnected server, preferably from the PDC or its next in line...

    i think the answers to all your questions are on the page, so you might want to take a read thru it in your spare time:

    How Active Directory Replication Topology Works
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      Re: help the replication in AD

      I think you are asking if objects on the disconnected DC which have been deleted from the rest of AD, will reappear if it is reconnected.

      The answer is NO as the rest of AD has a higher USN than the disconnected DC, so on reconnection, the disconnected DC will get newer changes to AD and delete the objects itself.

      To overcome this, you need to go into DSRM on the disconnected DC and mark all or part of AD as "Authoritative" (this increases the USN to some arbitrary high value. On rejoining the rest of the domain, the Disconnected DC will restore the objects to the remainder of AD.

      (This is a rough, not entirely accurate, summary -- for more information for "Authoritative Restore of AD". Also remember to take backups first)
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