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  • add printer as a user

    Hi all

    I want to set up our printer to scan documents to a folder. I have set up a test folder with completely open share and security permissions etc. any user can access the folder.

    The printer however cannot access this folder. I think I have to add the printer to active directory as a user that has permissions to the folder.

    When I google about I cant seems to find an answer

    Am i right, if so how do I associate an AD user to a print device?

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: add printer as a user

    Is there no setting on the printer/scanner to provide a generic username to use as login creds for the network share?

    For share and security, did you give the 'everyone' group the full share & security access, or did you use 'authenticated users' group (or something similar?) If not 'everyone', try that group.
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      Re: add printer as a user

      what make and model of MFD is it?
      In general there will either be some software to run on the target server or a device setting to put in credentials
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        Re: add printer as a user

        Yeah the folder allows everybody and authenticated users. Its a kyocera taskalfa and the error code is 1103. I have seen this on a couple of environments. Generally thought we just shred the folder & pointed the printer to it but then how would we normally add the printer to the acl of the folder unless the pdinter esists as an object in Ad.



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          Re: add printer as a user

          does this thread help?

          - make sure you use an IP Address for the host
          - don't prfix the host with \\
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            Re: add printer as a user


            What OS is on the computer with the shared folder?
            Does this computer also serve other roles in the network than being just a file server?
            Is it on the same subnet as the MFP?

            error code 1103 means that it cannot get to the folder specified. Because it could not find the path or it cannot connect to the target.

            Check the ip configuration on the MFP if the correct internal dns server(s) are set. And, enter either the fqdn of the computer or the ip address at the smb scanner configuration on the MFP (i.e. "\\servername.domain.local\sharename" or "\\\sharename").
            The entered login username should be prepended with domain\ if it is a domain user, or with the name of the computer\ if it is a local account. re-Enter the password. The user should have at leased power user rights on the target computer according this document.

            Make sure the port used for SMB (445 and 139) is not being blocked by the firewall (verify the port number configured via Command Center of the MFP). And enable File and Printer Sharing in the firewall.

            If the above didn't help, try one of,
            • For "Ricoh" MFC'S I read somewhere that for SMB Scanning the "Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level" policy on the computer should be changed to "LM & NTLM - Use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated".
            • If it still doesnt work change the encryption level to not require 128 bit encryption.
            • turn off "password protected sharing"

            The issue is not related to Active Directory. When we know the OS this thread will probably be moved to the appropriate forum.


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              Re: add printer as a user

              I found the answer to this problem in the section of the printers web configuration page where it asks for the shared folder path I was to simply enter the name of the share only and not the unc path to the shared folder like I normally do e.g. "\\server\share". Her I had to enter only "share" on its own.

              Thanks to those trying to help me. Hope this answer helps someone else wrestling with Kyocera shared folders as it seems common.