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AD Profile works on TS only

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  • AD Profile works on TS only


    I have following setup.
    • 7 branches in each continent
    • Uk is the HQ where we have Terminal server on which all users from other than UK branch Log in through RDP
    • We have AD 2003 and use Roaming profile.
    • We use Folder Redirection to get all users on same location on file server
      • All users Profile are stored on File server in folder name \\fileserverA\ProfileNew\%Username%
      • Their Desktop, Application data and Downloads are stored in folder Name \\fileserverA\UserData\%Username%

    • I have moved all Profile to new file server by defining profile path for all users as following.
      • \\FIleserverB\ProfileNew\%Username%

    • Also, I have changed the path for Userdata to migrate to new file server as following
      • \\FileserverB\Userdata\%Username%

    • All Users can log in to termianl server and they work fine. All data and profile got migrated to new location.
    • Only UK branch which is HQ where management works are having Issue as following
      • When users log in to their Machine, It dosent load their profile and give error code: 0x80070035
      • Same user can access their profile on Terminal Server and Internet as well.

    • Local machines are trying to access theor profile and data from following:
      • \\fileserverA\ProfileNew\%Username%
      • \\fileserverA\UserData\%Username%

    Please help me to get over this nightmare....

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    Re: AD Profile works on TS only

    Isn't there a property for user accounts which means you can define different paths to profiles for local logins vs Remote (TS) logins? I'd start looking there.
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      Re: AD Profile works on TS only

      RicklesP is onto something there. You can use Group Policy to enforce Roaming Profiles for TS users only. With Windows 2008 R2 (don't think it works for older Terminal Services) there is also a Remote Desktop Profiles tab on the AD user account that you can set a TS Roaming profile on.