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Missing data after home drive mod

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  • Missing data after home drive mod

    Our company user accounts used to point to \\fileserver1\homedrives$ but after testing fine I changed all users to \\\homedrives$
    (I did this for better DNS resolution across domains).
    Now I have a few users who are complaining that there data has been deleted. Sure enough it is. So far I have had two users that I have had to restore twice!
    I'm thinking the above modification has something to do with it but I can't think how. I haven't changed anything else I can think of.
    I made the change today but some users have seen the data this morning but it been missing this afternoon!

    I realise ADU&C will check/modify permissions (which should be accurate anyway) but I can't see how/why it would delete it. Even if it did, I would think it would do it when I click 'Apply' not a day later.

    I'm stumped.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: Missing data after home drive mod

    This wouldn't delete data. Have you got Shadow Copies enabled to compare whether the files were there?


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      Re: Missing data after home drive mod

      Yes I do. Sure enough data goes missing.
      I can confirm that the data is fine once I click 'OK' so it must be deleted when the use logs in or something.
      I suspect it is something to do with the bulk properties window. Doing the same thing individually asks if you want to set the permissions. The bulk tool just tells you the folder exists so make sure the permissions are correct.
      In theory, the permissions have to be correct if they could access it.


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        Re: Missing data after home drive mod

        If permissions are being changed, see if Access Based Enumeraion has been enabled on the share as that may explain missing files should permissions change.


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          Re: Missing data after home drive mod

          Ok. This problem just happened to me.
          Yesterday I changed my home drive to an new server (DFSR is relicating this dir.) in an effort to stop this problem. Today it was working fine until I was playing around with an unrelated GPO. I did a GPO update and logged off and logged on. As soon as the desktop loaded Windows said my (redirected) desktop could not be found. I checked on the server (not via UNC path) and sure enough the data is gone. Interestingly some data still remains.

          I feel like I am going mad. What else should i try?

          PS: I cannot find anything related in the client or server event logs.
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            Re: Missing data after home drive mod

            Found the problem!!!
            It's to do with document folder redirection. There is an option to 'move the contents to the new location'. Move = copy then delete right? So the client tries to copy the data to the new location. Then it deletes the data from the old location which is the same location or in the later case, replicates the deletion via DFSR.

            The problem is documented here:

            I disabled this setting for folder redirection in Group Policy and the problem is resolved!

            Thanks for your help Virtual.


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              Re: Missing data after home drive mod

              No problem and thanks for posting back with your resolution.