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Drive mapping issue

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  • Drive mapping issue

    This will probably be an easy one but I still haven't resolved it.

    We recently added an Active Directory DC that we plan to migrate users to over the next several months. For years we were still running a NT4 DC and we are still using it. It's been very reliable and budget has not allowed us to make the move to AD until now.

    We put one user on the AD domain as a guinea pig. This user accesses several shares on a file server that still resides on the NT domain however. There is no logon script being used for her AD account on the AD DC. Instead, we created a local account on the file server and mapped drives from her AD computer to the shares.

    Everything works but she constantly get prompted for her credentials in order to connect to the shares every time after she boots up. Even with the 'remember credentials' box checked on her desktop.

    Her desktop and the NT domain file server have the same WINS addresses in their respective network adapter properties. We haven't done anything with the LMHOSTS files on desktop or the servers. It's still the untouched sample file.

    This wouldn't be an issue if everyone was on AD but for now, this is the way it has to be. Maybe mapping by IP might be more reliable than by WINS in this instance. What have I left out?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Drive mapping issue

    No one has any thoughts? Have I stumped the community?


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      Re: Drive mapping issue

      Have you setup a trust between your domains?? Would be easier to do this than creating user accounts.

      You don't mention which version of Server OS you are using so the one above is 2008.

      What your describing is by design as far as i'm aware.


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        Re: Drive mapping issue

        The AD server OS is 2008. No trusts were set up between 2008 and NT. I didn't think it was necessary to establish a trust since the account on the file server (on the NT domain that is being mapped to) is a local account and not a domain account. Even though the file server itself (running server 2000) is on the NT domain.


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          Re: Drive mapping issue

          Do these help??

          You don't mention what OS the user is using.


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            Re: Drive mapping issue

            Client: Windows 7 64-bit on AD domain

            AD DC: Server 2008

            Server on NT Domain: Server 2000

            Shares are on the Server 2000 box

            User gets authenticated by the AD DC & has a local account on the Server 2000 box for drive mapping use.

            There is no trust set up between the AD & NT domains so there are no logon scripts that connect the AD user to the NT domain resources.

            I assumed that as long as there was a local account on the Server 2000 box, there was no need to for logon scripts or trusts. The user credentials are the same for the AD domain account as well as the local account. The 'remember credentials' check box when you try to connect to the share doesn't retain them. Every time she first logs on the computer, she has to enter the logon information when she connects to the shares. Curiously, she also maps to a different server running Server 2008 R2 Standard where she also has a local account. It is not on a domain and she never gets prompted for a logon.


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              Re: Drive mapping issue

              Try going to the the Credential Manager on the client machine and seeing if it has added her account on the 2000 server in there. If not, try adding it manually, rebooting and see what happens.
              I had the same issue with a fileshare on a Linux fileserver that users on a domain were accessing (it was not running LDAP). I successfully added the users accounts in the Credential Manager and that fixed it. Hopefully it'll do the same for you.


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                Re: Drive mapping issue

                So when manually entering the credentials it works fine, the user can read and modify files in the share?

                Like ConradJ already suggested, check the currently saved credentlals.
                If the target is present, check also if the credentials are saved correctly.

                Open a command prompt on the windows 7 machine.
                Run cmdkey.exe /list
                Verify all stored credentials for connections to the file server whether or not the user (local to the file server) does not have the name of a domain or the name of the win7 machine prepended.

                Remove all incorrect entries.
                Try this, add the credentals manually like this:
                cmdkey.exe /add:fileservername /user:fileservername\username /password


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