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Deny Local Logon question

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  • Deny Local Logon question

    We are setting some "Service Accounts" to Deny Local Log on but i have a question. We manage user accounts that are considered "Service Accounts" that are for external contractual employees with a different company that we work with. They do not use those accounts to log in to their local machines but rather access a SharePoint site on our side that we made available to them. They have to log in with Our Domain/name of account and then they continue into the SharePoint site. If we Put those 20 or so accounts in the group for Deny Local Log on will that prevent them for logging in to the SharePoint site?

    The same question goes for some of our appliance passwords. Since we do not log in to a Windows machine but rather set the password in AD for that "Service Account" then update it in the appliance to mirror what we just set in AD will this prevent it form working?