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Single domain, DC "wrongly" update each other

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  • Single domain, DC "wrongly" update each other

    Hi everybody,
    here we have a serious problem with Active Directory Windows Server 2008 in ESXi 4.1 environment. I'm pretty new to the topic.

    Here we have a single domain across several locations (Site A is the master, then Sites B and C). Each location has 2 DCs, for a total of 6DCs. As far as i see, Site A DC1 is the Operations master.
    I know someone may disagree on the design choice, but this is it

    For long time we had no communication between Sites, so let's say each site worked as stand-alone and we added users and computers in the domain indipendently on each site, e.g. we added Server1 on Site A and Server2 on Site B.
    When communication between sites came back, the users and computers list on Site A 'updated' the one on Site B, so Server2 disappeared from the Site B domain controller and it couldn't log-in with domain credentials.

    First off, does it make sense?

    Secondly, how to avoid this? As several services are running on clusters, de-join the domain and re-join again will bring LOTS of problems.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!