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Computer objects just disappered from AD

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  • Computer objects just disappered from AD

    We are just beginning to rollout Windows 7 and if you have read my previous posts I had all sorts of AD issues when joining the company, it was a complete mess!

    AD is slightly in better shape than what it was, but still am encountering issues with Sysvol not replicating properly (this is a Separate post).

    On a separate note I had an issue with AD that I don't understand why it happened...Basically I was doing a bit of re-arranging of AD. I did this by creating a new OU and then adding further OU's which defined a office site. We have 4 sites.

    My aim was the new laptops being built on Windows 7 I was going to create a new OU structure as the long term plan is to deploy certain GPOs based on site location. By default as you may know they go to computers OU.

    So the Computers objects could be seen in AD and a few weeks ago (before I did the OU change) I temporarily put the objects in a certain OU just so I knew these objects were the Windows 7 laptops, Once I created the other site OUs I then moved the computer objects to their respective Site OU.

    A couple of days/week later a few users got in touch to say they could not login to their laptops on the domain, they would receive a message:

    "The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.".

    When I went back into AD, I was horrified to find out that all the computers I moved to various OU's had all disappeared. If I tried to search for them, they were no where to be found, it like they just disappeared.

    I am an experienced AD user and I know for sure I didn't delete the objects. So am struggling to understand what happened.

    I was able to resolve but it meant I needed to go to each client and take the machine of the domain and rejoin it. They then reappeared in AD and I was able to move them back to their respective OUs and it's OK now but I struggling to understand why this happened

    Currently I do have sysvol replication issues. Could this be a likely cause of why I saw this issue? Is it something else.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Computer objects just disappered from AD

    IMHO fix your AD issues first as that is almost certainly the cause of the problems (incorrect replication)
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