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Additional dc in remote site

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  • Additional dc in remote site

    Hi Everybody,

    What are members thoughts on the following.

    I'm going to a site soon which has already got a server with 2008r2 domain setup(this domain is not used very much) lets call it DOMAIN.LOCAL.

    I wish to remove this DOMAIN.LOCAL....i'm not concerned about the users and computer accounts in the old setup.

    Once this is a stand alone server, I plan to join it to another domain(HQDOMAIN.LOCAL) so this server will become my fourth domain controller for domain HQDOMAIN.LOCAL.

    My main concern here is the actual install process of PROMTOING to a DOMAIN CONTROLLER, over a VPN, what happends if the VPN drops out halfway through the promotion!!!!!!!!!!

    Would I be safer creating a temp domain controller with the SITES and SERVICES config done, then driving this temp dc to site so the dcpromo is now done locally over the LAN eliminating the VPN dropout issue.


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    Re: Additional dc in remote site

    How likely will the VPN drop be?

    If it drops in the middle of the promotion I believe it will just fail and roll back the changes. So there's low risk. Another option would be to do an IFM install.

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