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To resync or not to resync

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  • To resync or not to resync

    Hi Guys,

    I have an issue or potential issue regarding time synchronization.
    We have a remote site DC that had a hardware failure on nov 13th, the motherboard was replaced on nov 15th and the machine was restarted but the bios on the new motherboard was dated oct 15 2008. The OS has picked up the revised 2008 date and time and obviously the other DC's in the domain have refused to replicate as the DC cannot authenticate via kerberos.
    W32tm didn't adjust the time to sync back up as it was beyond it's threshold.

    The DC has tried to run the KCC and create new replication partners.
    It's in it's own little world at the moment.

    I'm in 2 minds whether or not to manually change the time to reflect the real date/time and then let the DC build the topoloy again and replicated to the other DC's or should I play safe and take it offline, force DC demotion and then dcpromo it again?



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    Re: To resync or not to resync

    It's only been 7 days or so.
    I would change it's time so it is correct, change the primary DNS to one of the other servers and reboot it myself.

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