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DC promo & dns errors

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  • DC promo & dns errors

    Hi all

    I frequently get dns errors when trying to add a domain controller to the domain by using dcpromo in server 2008

    I either get SRV record not found or other dns related messages and the dcpromo fails.

    The current member server will be joined to the domain with dns but does not contain the current DC's copy of the dns records msdcs etc. in its dns console. I understand that the dns may be set to ADIntegrated but i thought dcpromo would handle this.

    I do have the dns role on the member server (DC to be) and the dns field in the adapter(nic's tcp/ip) settings does point to the current DC for dns.

    What other steps does one take to tackle this? I need a 2nd DC on the network.

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: DC promo & dns errors

    1. Make sure that your DNS zone is AD integrated. If you don't then the zone won't be replicated to the new DC without manual intervention on your part. Making it AD integrated will automatically replicate the zone to the new DC if you also install the DNS role on the new DC during DCPROMO. DCPROMO won't replicate the DNS zone to the new server if it isn't AD integrated. In fact, I don't think the DCPROMO process will replicate the AD integrated zone during DCPROMO because the new DC isn't a DC until after DCPROMO completes and the new DC is rebooted. The AD integrated zone will be replicated after the new DC has been rebooted after the DCPROMO process completes. AD integrated DNS zone replication uses the same topology and schedule to replicate the DNS zone as it does for normal AD replication. If both DC's are in the same site (intrasite) then the zone should be replicated pretty quickly after the new DC reboot.

    2. When promoting the new DC it should be using only the first DC for DNS (in the TCP/IP properties of the NIC). After the promotion you can reconfigure the DNS settings.


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      Re: DC promo & dns errors

      Im back in work tomorrow Ill check it out. -much obliged


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        Re: DC promo & dns errors


        The zone is not active directory integrated because I cannot promote it to a DC because it does not have dns!!

        So if I cant use ADI till afterwards then how do I get dns on it now so I can dcpromo it to a DC which has AD :confused




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          Re: DC promo & dns errors

          You have an existing Domain Controller that is also the DNS server that has the DNS zone, right? On the existing DC configure the DNS zone to be AD integrated. When you run DCPROMO on the new DC you should install DNS during DCPROMO and after the new DC reboots the DNS zone will be replicated to the new DC.

          When you run DCPROMO on the new DC you need to make sure that the new DC is pointing to the existing DC for DNS. After DCPROMO runs and the new DC reboots and the DNS zone has replicated to it you can change the DNS settings so that the new DC points to itself for DNS.


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            Re: DC promo & dns errors

            Hi Joe

            I see what you are saying now. I think the reason dns was not being replicated during the dcpromo phase was because on the original DC did not have the member server (DC to be) on its allowed name servers list, So I have set it to "only replicate to servers on the name servers tab" & added the member server to it.

            I have created a secondary zone on the member server and the transfers failed but after allowing it on the name servers on the original DC it now works.

            I will try dcpromo again when the network is quiet and see what happens, but ill wager it will work, Ill let you know

            I appreciate your input thanks


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              Re: DC promo & dns errors

              I tried but dcpromo failed once more.

              I have set the DNS on the master to AD Integrated on the member srv I have pointed in the nic properties towards the master DC & tried dcpromo again.
              It now however looks to have all of the records from as a mnually transfered them over via secondary zone.

              Now its resorting to more obscure error messages:

              "a delegation for the dns zone cannot be created because the dns server cannot be found or it does not run windows dns server.........."

              another time I would get randomly get past this stage and then eventually receive

              "AD failed to install because the replication object failed to allocate memory"

              server1 Original DC is server 2003
              server2 dcpromo guy is small business server 2008

              The 2008 sbs machione has 10 gigs of ram and no demanding roles so memory should not be an issue.

              Any thoughts?