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File sharing problem

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  • File sharing problem

    Ok, so here's the question: I have 2 folders on my server hdd. Also i have two groups, administrators and group1. For first folder, in security settings, permissions are set to full for both groups. for second folder, administators are set to full and for group one all permissions are set to deny. But when i access from one of client computers as a member of group1, i can acces and change files in second folder. How to solve this?
    edit: members in group1 are only in that group, i've removed them from others
    Also: if i map folder one as network drive and set under login with different credentials as administrator, will those credentials be copied to folder2 too?
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    Re: File sharing problem

    That doesn't sound right, you must be missing something. Might sound like a stupid question but are you adding the computers to "Group1" instead of adding users?

    As for your network drive question, you can only connect to a server using one set of credentials so yes if you map a network drive to your share and specify admin credentials then those credentials will be used for all other folders and shares that you access on that server
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      Re: File sharing problem

      Are you sure it is set to deny? cos deny always take precedence over allow.

      I would check the permissions again. you would find somewhere there is a tick missing.


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        Re: File sharing problem

        Hi neshke!

        I recommend you deleting the "group1" from the ACL of the second folder. If you are denying everything anyway:

        for group one all permissions are set to deny.
        Also, how have you implemented the folders share rights? If I recall correctly, Microsoft's best practice is to assign full control for the share permissions and make the necessary tweaks for the NTFS ACLs.