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Multi Site 2008 r2 domain

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  • Multi Site 2008 r2 domain


    I just want to check with others, that my domain setup is correct.

    I have 2 physical locations joined to each other by hardware vpn(peplink balance devices). Each server/dc can ping and \\ to each other.

    In SiteA I have 2 * 2008R2 domain controllers both setup as Global cats, DNS servers, DNS zone is active directory intergrated, each domain controller's primary dns is itself, on a private ip range

    In SiteB I have a single 2008R2 domain controller this is also Global Cat, DNS server with its primary DNS pointing to itself on a private range of

    In active directory SITE AND SERIVCES I've created 2(HQ and BRANCH)sites with matching IP subnets, each DC has been moved into the correct SITE.

    Directory replication schedule has not been changed from it's default setting.

    Have I missed anything out?????????


    After thought........ does the above require "WINS" as far as i'm aware it's not required unless I've got pre win2000 machines.

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    Re: Multi Site 2008 r2 domain

    It sounds like you've got the bases covered. WINS isn't required AFAIK.

    As a tip for the future, if you add sites that don't have DC's make sure to create subnets for them in ADS&S and associate those subnets with the DC sites that you want them to "associate" with and authenticate to. Clients find their site based on their subnet. If you have a site for which the subnet is closer to the branch site subnet then clients will "associate" with that site, which might not be what you want.


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      Re: Multi Site 2008 r2 domain


      Thank for your input, I'm glad I've setup correctly.