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  • users reset their password

    I am reopening this, because I couldn't get the script to work that REMS created for me, sorry for this, my domain name doesn't exist on the campus VLAN, as we have a different VLAN, and my domain doesn't exist in their DNS zones, etc. so this wont work..

    So now I am asking for a webpage, made in php or some form...

    Ok, scenario,
    Students get their campus user accounts,
    then students get their department user accounts, so they need to remember 2 passwords, same username though.

    Their passwords are set, so they change their campus password if they want to, and they change their department password if they want to.

    Well, what if student forgets their department password and cant login?
    they have to come to Support and we have to ask them to type in a new password, etc. which takes time, especially when they are lots of them.

    (i don't care if they forgotten their campus password, students go to campus services, not us)

    I want a webpage, so that students login with their CAMPUS user account, and there is an option to 'reset forgotten department password', so basically... the webpage authenticates to the campus servers, script takes the username they login with, and there is an option to change the password to that username.

    I have iisadmpwd setup on a virtual 2003 server, which works fine apart from it requires the old password. so this wont do what we want it to, and dont think we can use iis to do what I want it to do, because the campus's authentication wont be available to iis.

    But on the linux servers, which are our web severs - the iis i have set up doesnt do anything other than pwdadm. But the linux web servers can do php, cgi, running apache, and they use pam_auth to authenticate students to the campus.

    Hope I make sense, because I am not a expect in the linux area!
    and I hope someone can help out with this.

    Many thanks and much appreciated!

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    Re: users reset their password

    There are quite a few self service password reset systems out there that are web based mate, I'm sure that you will find something. It's quite a common thing......

    Listed below is the 1st pulled from a google search of 'Self Service Password Reset' Hope this helps you in the way.......

    Lucky gyt working in a uni!!!


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      Re: users reset their password

      there probably is, but unable to find one free or not able what i want...
      and seen all these professional self-service account management, which asks for your personal information, and questions, to make sure who you are, etc. but dont wnt that. and are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ or

      since students login to their campus account, want a simple button to set their password on AD...



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        Re: users reset their password

        Well linux i can say please go and look at [EDITED BY MOD] as you can get in to many visual script else if you want to run at Live enviorment of Microsoft active directory i can help you as in that case.
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          Re: users reset their password

          Hi Pete,

          I feel your pain, especially, given that you're working in an educational environment, i.e. students tend to forget their passwords a bit more

          You could either impose a fee for password resets to deter them from forgetting it, or like it is suggested, perhaps procure a self-service solution.

          I do agree that self-service solutions aren't free, but in general, it is never a good idea to use free stuff, because the problem with free is that you never know just what all that free software does.

          One practical alternative might be to have an assistance use IIS and ASP to build a simple in-house password reset portal that checks for some secret answers queriable from a database and if allowed resets the user's password.

          One should be very careful with giving away password reset rights though, because delegations in AD are so complicated that you never who ends up getting rights to reset whose passwords.

          It might best to make a case to management based on empirical data as to how many passwords you've had to reset in the last few days and how much time that took.

          Some basic "password reset analysis" could help get some empirical data on the number of passwords recently reset, and make a case to management.

          Sorry couldn't be of much more help.


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            Re: users reset their password

            Last weel, I had 70 students coming to me, to reset their password! Sigh! Which could way over 30 minutes....
            Must get something! and always get about 5 students a day...

            But yea complicated and impossible without paying up to some firm who I dont know!

            Although I did find
            Open Source Password Self Service for LDAP directories

            but thats complicated to work out how to use