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Active directory forest/dns

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  • Active directory forest/dns

    We are building out a new datacenter, we would like to introduce a new forest with a new domain, we already have an existing forest with multiple domains and trust relationships. The new AD structure will be virtualized and all NEWly built VMs will be joined to the new forest/domain. At some point we will want to migrate a number of VMs(servers only) from our existing datacenters into this new datacenter, all incoming VMs(servers only) would be joined to the new domain, hence DNS change, however all client machines(these will remain joined to the existing forest/domains/dns and will connect through mpls cloud to the new datacenter) and there are many of them, as well as APPs that are being migrated within incoming VMs are all configured to use DNS naming from the forest/domains these machines will be coming from and therefore APP access will be broken. Any thoughts of how to deal with this issue? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Active directory forest/dns

    You could possibly ensure that you setup appropriate DNS resolution as Conditional forwarders, so requests for names in the other Forest are redirected to their existing DNS servers and/or appropriate DNS zones in the new AD Forest, so in effect, split-DNS is created, so again, applications hard coded or using the old names are still able to lookup the appropriate IP. However, will some of the names be NETBIOS?