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Help setting up LDAP for Sonar Nexus App

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  • Help setting up LDAP for Sonar Nexus App

    Hi, having some trouble understanding how to setup a OpenSource Application named Nexus, for LDAP integration.
    Apologies up front for the large amount of writing.

    What I am trying to achieve is for any member of the group "Sonar-Users" to be allowed to authenticate to the application via LDAP.
    An explanation to mapping LDAP is located here:

    Additional reference which I use is here:

    From the second URL, you can see what the first two sections are (Connection & Authentication)

    This I setup fine, and it works fine.

    In text I filled in


    Protocol = ldap
    Host =
    Port = 389
    Search base = DC=Domain,DC=com


    SASL Realm = Blank
    Username = Generic Service Account
    Password = Password

    User Element Mapping responds back fine as well. In text I filled in

    User Element Mapping

    Base DN = OU=Nexus,OU=Company Name
    User Subtree = Box Ticked, as there are sub folders under the Nexus OU
    Object Class = group
    User ID Attribute = sAMAccountname
    Real Name Attribute = cn
    E-Mail Attribute = mail
    Password Attribute = unicodepw

    It tests fine, no errors.
    Now the bit that I am not experienced enough on is possibly the Group Element Mapping.

    Under User Element Mapping, I believe I told the app to look for a Group
    However I do not know how to tell it what the exact group name is. Not my forte unfortunately

    In Group Element Mapping, I can set Group Type = Dynamic Group, with Attribute "memberOf" It responds with user accounts and groups, though of course it cannot possibly know what group it requires.

    If I save the settings, I cannot log on with any of the users or group members within that OU, so I know I am doing something wrong for sure.
    If I use Static Groups, and set the below

    roup Type = Static Groups
    Base DN = OU=Nexus,OU=Company Name
    User Subtree = Box NOT Ticked, as groups are located in this OU.
    Object Class = Group
    Group ID Attribute = cn
    Member Attribute = member

    I can see the same results as Dynamic Groups, though I get the error "Warning: the test returned no roles, group mapping may not be valid"
    Perhaps there is an easy fix, but I cannot see it. The 2 links provided use different attributes. I tried a mixture of options to no avail.
    All I want it to do is to allow members of "Sonar-Users" to authenticate using NT Credentials, via LDAP to the app. Could anyone give me a nudge in the right direction please?
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    Re: Help setting up LDAP for Sonar Nexus App

    I'll download and have a look on a dummy system i have setup here.

    Its difficult to visualise what your asking from the text and the 2 links.

    Back soon.


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      Re: Help setting up LDAP for Sonar Nexus App

      Wow, you don't have to go through too much trouble for me. Appreciated of course.

      The steps here show what I am supposed to do.

      I simply utilize different attributes, as the attributes described in the documentation do not seem to correspond to what I utilize for another application which I maintain. (Atlassian Crowd) which I have no issues with connecting Crowd to Ldap)

      I figured what worked for that app, should work for this app.


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        Re: Help setting up LDAP for Sonar Nexus App

        Why do things work after I raise a help request. Always seems to be the way.

        After a full day of trial and error, and resorting to posting to a forum, I actually made some progress. I can now view all the LDAP groups within the OU, and map a user against it. I went back to using Dynamic Groups after full application reinstall, and it now appears to map the users properly.

        Sorry if I wasted your time. Seems like the initial application roll-out must have had an issue. I did things correct after all. Thanks for the attempt and effort though.


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          Re: Help setting up LDAP for Sonar Nexus App

          No drama's mate. Quiet at work so gave me something to do.

          Glad you got it fixed.