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AD DNS/Replication Issues

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  • AD DNS/Replication Issues

    Hello - I have a 2003 AD with a couple of 2008 R2 DCs. We have 11 sites, a DC at each site.

    We have Not sure how or when this happened, but it appears some of the site info in DNS is missing on some domain controllers. There are replication issues, (RPC server not available) when trying to replicate to those sites. I have no idea how (or when exactly) that info got deleted. It is causing major password synch issues as well as others.

    The DC/DNS at our main site has 5 sites listed in dns, others have all of them. I attached a screenshot. Is there a way to get the good copy of the zone from my remote DC to copy back to the main one with the missing sites? Thanks.
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    Re: AD DNS/Replication Issues

    Had this issue yesterday and funny enough it was windows firewall being enabled on my DC's. Easy, I know, but worth a check.


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      Re: AD DNS/Replication Issues

      So you only have one AD Forest with one Domain? It is worth carrying out a DCDIAG on your main site DCs and a DC that is working. Also, verify the replication partners. It would perhaps would be worth uninstalling DNS and reinstalling on one of the problem DCs providing you have first reviewed DCDIAG results. With regards to RPC error, has recommended, worth verifying the Firewall settings and if anything else has changed. Has the problem DCs had a restart as well?

      The netdiag and netdom tools are also worth reviewing and using. You want to establish the replication that is taking place and see if the tools flag up any issues. What does the event viewer say?


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        Re: AD DNS/Replication Issues

        Thanks for the replies. I checked the FW status on a few servers, it is not enabled.

        Late yesterday afternoon the issue changed a bit. It now appears that all of my DNS servers are missing some site records, but not as many now.

        Before, I had some that showed all 11 sites, and some that showed only 5. Now, however, it appears that all DNSs are showing the same 8 sites. Replication fails with the RPC error when I try to replicate from the main site to those sites.

        Update: now replication works in when i initiate from sites and services. BUt the DNS entries are still missing. I verified it was working by placing a file in the sysvol directory, then forcing the replication. The file showed up in the remote office with the missing records. Any ideas?


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          Re: AD DNS/Replication Issues

          I agree with Virtual, for such issue i'd prefer to check DCdiag as my first step of investigation and then proceed further based on the results. It's worth to use repadmin to check if that comes up with some issue during replication..

          Based on diagnostics tools result you need to funnel it down to get root cause.
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