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Home Drives With Persistent Mapping

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  • Home Drives With Persistent Mapping


    We run a mixture of 2003 and 2008 DCs, and all of our users have a home drive mapped for them. This is configured in AD under the 'Profile' and 'Terminal Services Profile' tabs. (We run a terminal server environment, mixture of Server 2003 and Server 2008. We also have local laptop users, mainly running Windows 7 Pro)

    The problem is, these home drives are not persistent, so if a user logs off of our network, goes home and logs back in the drive is no longer there. This is an issue for our VPN, as we do not currently have a solution that allows users to login via VPN first and then login to their laptop to restore all mapped drives.

    Is it possible to set these home drives to be mapped persistently in AD? I really would like to avoid creating a group policy to do this, which would mean removing the home drive details from 140+ user accounts.