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Introduction and cry for help

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  • Introduction and cry for help


    I'm an IT technician, working in the UK. I have worked in iT for the past 8 years, but am struggling with certain issues and would like some help if possible.

    There is a position in my department which is a middle management, which I have applied for twice and been unsuccessful. This is really frustrating for me as I have been working in the industry for so long and should know how to do what is required to get through the interview process.

    The bit that I struggle with is setting up a server and active directory in particular from scratch. I already know how to administer it all as I do that on a daily basis with adding users and setting up groups etc, but I've never had the chance to learn or to install a server and the services from scratch and that is the hurdle that I fall at when I go for interview. I thought I was more prepared for my interview yesterday, but unfortunately not.

    As the department is so busy, the generic response i get when I ask if someone will help me is 'make a note, and I'll show you later' and later never comes. I am sure you will understand my frustration, and hopefully someone will be able to help.

    Is there a Microsoft course that I can go through to learn this? I don't even know where to start looking. I don't care about doing an exam, or getting the certification at the end, but I just want something that I can work through and learn these skills. If anyone could give details of the course that they did to learn about active directory, I'd be really grateful. Hopefully then, I'll stand more chance of getting through when another job opportunity comes up.

    I have a degree in IT (2010), but this was full time whilst I was working full time too. It was distance learning, and I think I may have missed out on a lot of hands-on stuff there.


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    Re: Introduction and cry for help

    Look at the video training from -- fairly good coverage
    Also Microsoft course 6425 or the self paced training kit for exam 70-640 will help you with AD
    6418 and 6419 for overall server setup
    Look at the training catalog ( for full descriptors
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      Re: Introduction and cry for help

      I would also suggest reading Daniel's extensive list of Interview Questions and see how many you can answer.

      Purchase a machine with at least 16GB RAM, 32GB better, get a TechNet subscription and start installing and playing with the various software your company uses. After 8 years you really should be able to install, configure and manage a multiple Server network and be knowledgeable about Hyper-V and/or VMWare and its' benefits.

      As Tom has mentioned above, Train Signal is an excellent learning source and can help provide you with Instant Experience on your chosen topic. Several years ago I spent a weekend learning ISA 2004; installed and configured it on the Monday in an hour with the client leaning over my shoulder watching.
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        Re: Introduction and cry for help

        i;m going to take a slightly different tack here.

        You state you've been working in IT for 8 years, you've got alot of support based skills, but not necessarily the ability to prove any implementation skills.

        You state you're applying for a "middle-management" position
        Maybe it's the tech-jock in me, but, middle-management, I would normally expect to be "across the understanding" but not necessarily have the micro-skills.

        A middle manager (team leader) should be, at that point, inspiring, encouraging, leading and supporting.. dealing with resource scheduling, rather than doing the actual work..

        so i'm a bit confused..

        have they definitely told you it' the technical skills you're failing at ?
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          Re: Introduction and cry for help

          Yces, Tehcamel, you're right, 'middle management' should be more of a leadership role, but as well as being a good leader, they also need the candidate to be a 'Network Engineer' too. Basically, the establishment lacks the funds to take on 2 people for the role, so it's mainly a network engineer position with a bit of management thrown in to give the department a bit of a structure. The pay doesnt reflect the additional responsibilities IMO, but in my location, there's such a shortage of jobs, I just have to take what I can get, and this is the best thats around, unfortunately. (Hope that doesnt come across like I dont want the job, because I do, but it could be a more defined job description, and the salary shouldnt be so stingy).

          Thanks guys for the links and the advice. It's very helpful and I am now looking through the resources for the Microsoft course.

          We have VMWare at work and some good spec VMServers, so I am in the process of setting up a local network on one of those so that I can get implementing the AD course.
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