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Administrative accounts in the environment

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  • Administrative accounts in the environment

    This topic sucks for sure. It seems that everyone does it different and everyone has their own opinions, but I am trying to solve a few issues.

    I believe that everyone should have an administrative account that has the priviledges they need and this account should be tied to them in some sort so tracking can be done. I think they should log on to all servers with this account when doing anything on the server, and if possible they should use remote administrative tools when they can and avoid logging on to the server.

    Now this is all great, but now I must say that I have ran into problems with software/application install where if a user uses their logon and installs an application, when another user logs on to make changes with that application of update the application it requires the account that was used when it was installed.

    How are people doing this? I will take all suggestions and form one that makes sense for my team.

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    Re: Administrative accounts in the environment

    i also believe in named, owned administrative accounts.

    however, it's not at all effective in the environments I work in (an MSP with >400 clients and >20 engineers - I can think about about 5 clients that have named accounts for engineers)

    which applications are you having trouble with, and how does it present ?
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