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Intranet Data Center. No. of DCs

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  • Intranet Data Center. No. of DCs

    We have 7 small campuses and recently have acquired 2 geographically separate data rooms where we intend to move all our hardware too. We have high speed pipes connecting all campuses to both data rooms and between the two data rooms.

    We are moving to an intranet data center model as per however clients would be authenticating to any DC in either data room irrespective of campus.

    At first thought, it would seem two domain controllers would be adviseable per data room- 4 in total. Site1Dc1, Site1Dc2, Site2Dc1, Site2Dc2. 2 DCs in each physical location for availability. If a DC in one room goes down, there is still a second. If a room goes down, there is still a second.

    However, on second thought the intention would be to configure the 2 data rooms as a single Active Directory site. This single site would encompass all campuses and the to data rooms. In this case would 4 DCs would be unnecessary? Would 2 DCs be as applicable - one per room?
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    Re: Data Center. No. of DCs

    If it is one site, at least 2 DCs (one physical), but more if you feel it would make your network more robust.

    Worst case -- Site 1 is dead and the single Site 2 DC has problems...
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      Re: Intranet Data Center. No. of DCs


      I wrote the scenario wrongly but you understood me. When I said Site 1 and 2, I meant Data Room 1 and 2. It will be on Active Directory site. My take on two instead of four is that if a DC goes down, or indeed a Room goes down, there is still a DC or a Room up. So adding extra DCs to each room wasn't really gaining much.