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Does AD Store YM Login Information?

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  • Does AD Store YM Login Information?

    Just a quick question about Active Directory. Forgive me if it's a dumb question.

    Does it save Yahoo Messenger login information? Thanks.

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    Re: Does AD Store YM Login Information?

    Not that i'm aware of.

    You could of course create a custom attribute for it.


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      Re: Does AD Store YM Login Information?

      For the AD to store anything about any application, it would have to be configured to use the directory for this purpose. It's not very common to see third party applications depend on AD for storage. Usually, when a thorp party app integrates with AD, it's either for leveraging single-sign on, pass through authentication, or retreiving information about a user.

      One common type of third party app that I have seen actually store information in custom attributes are those types of password reset managers where the app will store questions and answers for the reset process

      Aside from that, it is much more common to see Microsoft apps use existing attributes and extend the schema for new ones.
      JM @ IT Training & Consulting