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Replication Between two sites

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  • Replication Between two sites

    Hi all, excuse my possible terminology mishaps but I've stepped in to help the IT department until they can replace the person that left. Unfortunately the company I work for moves... slow as heck in hiring people.... so I think I may be here for a bit....

    I have about 10 or so dc's connected via a satellite connection to our main dc's. All my sites are working great except for one beast.

    We will call our office DC ( DC_O ) and our remote DC ( DC_R )

    I run replmon on the remote DC ( DC_R ) and can see that it's happily replicating with the main office DC ( DC_O ). I can right click on the DC_O and click 'Synchronize with Replication Partner'. That works great!

    I run replmon on the main office DC_O. I have a nice red X by my remote site. I can't seem to 'Synchronize with Replication Partner'. The error message I get is: The source domain controller is not reachable by active directory replication monitor. This may be a result of a network problem.
    - I don't see how this can be a network problem as I am 'RDP'd' into the box from my main office...

    When I run repadmin /showrepl I get:
    showrepl_Error LDAP error 85 (timeout) Win32 Error 1053.

    Any ideas or suggestions - i greatly appreciate it....


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    Re: Replication Between two sites


    Do you have any firewalls in place, either on the Sever itself or a Appliance?

    seems like there is a communication issue with LDAP, maybe some outbound filtering on the office side or inbound filtering on the remote side.

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      Re: Replication Between two sites

      I go through a router at the office but it's open, it doesn't block anything...

      I have contacted my satellite provider and they swear up and down, up and down again that they don't block anything....


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        Re: Replication Between two sites


        First thing to check is if the Transport is IP or SMTP, you can check this in the sites and services under NTDS settings.

        you can download Microsoft Network monitor here -

        i assume you can RDP to the remote server? if not you can only check if the local office server is connecting the right serverort and what response if coming back.

        maybe you have already.. try restarting FRS service and RPC (Remote Procedure Call) also check the the server address resolves to the correct IP Address.

        double check there is no IP Filtering enabled in RRAS or and 3rd party software firewalls enabled.

        Hope this gives you a few ideas, let me know how they go.
        MCSE 2003; MCTS Vista; Sec+; CCNA
        Attitude Makes The Difference!
        in other words you got to WANT to do it..


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          Re: Replication Between two sites

          Okay... it's been a while since I had a chance to look at this but here goes...

          The transport is IP.

          I can RDP into the server no problem

          I have restarted the FRS service but am not sure how to restart the RPC service - would a reboot of the PC sort of restart all the services?

          I do an nslookup of the servers communicating on all the computers and they all return the correct results. Same as pinging... I can ping and get their correct results back when I use their names.

          I'm still stuck... the site DC happily replicates to the 'master' without any problems....
          but the master can't replicate to the site.

          thanks for you help again and any more advice how to resolve this!


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            Re: Replication Between two sites

            I seemed to have fixed my issue:

            The problem was that my MTU in windows for my interface was set to 512. I upped it to 1024 and don't seem to have any problems replicating!

            Whoa, what a lesson in.... pretty much everything.

            Good luck to everyone else and their AD woes.....


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              Re: Replication Between two sites

              Thanks for posting back with the solution
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                Re: Replication Between two sites

                An MTU of 1024 is still pretty low. Default is usually 1500.

                Try this


                What are your routers set to at the moment??

                Typically i would leave all my windows machines at 1500.

                However if it is working for you as is then all is good.


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                  Re: Replication Between two sites

                  1500 is usually cited but it can cause SMTP delivery issues (and some other protocols can be affected by this too). I've read several times that the optimum MTU to ensure smooth SMTP delivery is 1492.

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