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Adding a new Win2K8R2 DC to an existing Win2K3 site

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  • Adding a new Win2K8R2 DC to an existing Win2K3 site

    We are planning the upgrade of our Win2K3 AD domain controllers and I have a question. I have Win2K3 domain controllers in each of our sites in the Pacific region, and there are two Win2K3 domain controllers in our SYD datacentre which all Pacific region DCs have links to for AD replication and DNS.

    These 2 domain controllers in SYD are then site linked to our corporate domain controllers in the US for AD & DNS links.

    We thus plan to introduce a Win2K8 domain controller in the SYD site and then another and then decommission the 2x Win2K3 domain controllers. I will run a VB script on the Pacific domain controllers which will replace their DNS IPs with those of the new Win2K8R2 domain controllers.

    My question is, will the new Win2K8R2 domain controllers participate in load-balancing the connections to the branch domain controllers in the Pacific region and will they also load balance the connections to the corporate domain controllers?

    My concern is that the automatically created site links between the SYD datacentre and the Pacific branch sites, and the links between the SYD datacentre and the corporate site will not be automatically created.

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    Re: Adding a new Win2K8R2 DC to an existing Win2K3 site

    A new 2008 box would act just like a 2003 box so adding it in would mean the topology would take them into account.
    Sorry for asking as I've probably missed something but why do you think links won't be created?

    Probably worth reading this from our MS case closure email for your script bit too:

    We were losing our DNS records, post a change to the preferred DNS servers on the NICís properties.

    Known issue with the deletion that might happen as described in the articles:
    For 2003:
    For 2008:

    On the 2008 machines, we have installed the fix from the KB 2520155.
    On the 2003 machines, we have agreed to restart the DHCP client; DNS client services post the change of the DNS server order and then perform an IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS as described in the article 961256.

    Please read this before you post:

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