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Exchange (2003) tasks in AD 2008 R2

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  • Exchange (2003) tasks in AD 2008 R2

    OK, this is somewhat related to another post of mine, but since you can't install the ESM for Exchange 2003 on a server 2008 box, how do I complete Exchange tasks when all my DCs are 2008 R2? I currently have an XP box with adminpak installed for doing this now, but I'd like to upgrade my computer. Is there a workaround or am I just out of luck?

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    Re: Exchange (2003) tasks in AD 2008 R2

    You can install the admin pak on the virtualpc in Win7 or use a temp "admin" 2003 server for the tools that the admin team can access if you wish.
    Failing that just RDP to the Exchange. Ideallly you want to be getting off 2003 as it's end of support, from memory, at the end of next year completely.

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      Re: Exchange (2003) tasks in AD 2008 R2

      I have a 2003 server with adminpak on it as well as the ESM, so I guess I'll just keep it going for a bit longer. We hope to have our email turned over to Google pretty soon, so didn't want to upgrade Exchange if we're not going to have email for much longer, but I still need the ability to create mailboxes 'til that goes through.

      Thanks for the quick response.