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Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question

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  • Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question

    good day folks, what is a good anti-virus software to install on domain controllers (something that is replication friendly)

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    Re: Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question

    There isn't a specific AV client friendly for DCs. I haven't heard of any issues regarding AV clients with regard to DCs.

    Now...its always a good practice to create exclusions on AV clients so that they aren't scanning DB files as an example. This type of action would cause issues for a database server.

    I would say that if you already have a solution for your network hosts, and its working for you, stick with it, so you can have one centrally managed solution.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting


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      Re: Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question

      Exclusions are the key thing with AV on DCs. As [JM] says there is no specific AV recommendation. We use McAfee but there are plenty of others out there. No 1 provider gets everything though unfortunately.

      Have a look at this:

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        Re: Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question

        thanks for both replies and also for the link came in handy


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          Re: Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question


          you should use an anti virus software that you can manage and exlude folders and files that AV shouldent scan.



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            Re: Anti-Virus on Domain Controller question

            At my workplace, we've used several different enterprise AV products that have central management and Active Directory integration features.

            As others have mentioned, the ability to create custom exclusions is very important since you may encounter performance or compatibility problems with applications or services. Being able to create on-access and on-demand exclusions for folders and files, file types, and wildcard patterns is great. Indexing services, virtual machine services and applications that have critical I/O requirements (e.g., databases, IIS) may be candidates to check.

            Also consider how well the AV system can be administered and integrated into your AD environment. Good products can make it a breeze to query AD to identify your hosts and push installations, updates and management tasks to them all from one console. Really good products let you make administrative templates to categorize the settings you want applied to different groups of hosts - very useful for distinguishing settings to use on servers from other systems.