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W2K3 -> W2K8 Same IP

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  • W2K3 -> W2K8 Same IP

    Good Day -

    I have a W2K3 DC that has a failed HDD. I've gracefully transferred all roles and want to decommission it and introduce a W2K8 R2 DC. I've already introduced the first W2K8R2 DC so the forest and domain have been prepped (6 months ago)

    This DC is also a DNS server and there are a lot of hosts that have this as their primary DNS server set manually. For that reason, I'd like to bring up the new DC with the same IP, does the following sequence of steps appear accurate?

    Bring up new w2k8 r2 box, patch and add to domain
    remove from the domain and turn off.
    change IP of wink28 r2 box to same IP as previously decommisioned w2k3 DC)
    DCPROMO W2K8 R2 server(different computer name)
    Make sure DNS zones and records are populated and transferred, configure respective forwarders and other DNS settings.
    test replication: repadmin /replsum ?

    I'm curious if there should be a period i should wait for AD replication could recognize and remove the decommissioned W2K3 box.

    Looking forward to your feedback.



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    Re: W2K3 -> W2K8 Same IP

    How many other DCs do you have in the domain and forest?

    The process looks ok but you can even add the new DC on a temp IP and let it replicate, demote the old and remove and then reboot the new DC with the old ones IP address too. As long as you leave reasonable time (based on AD size) for each step and perform the cleanup below after the 2003 has gone then you should be fine.
    We did something similar with a new DC but gave it dual IP temporarily as well so we could give it a new IP and keep the old one working. It's sometimes good to change them so you can document the apps/setups that developers have incorrectly hard coded!

    You will likely have to manually remove the old server from the name servers tab in DNS (properties of the zones) and also manually remove the remaining entry in the site.

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