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Domain networking issue with PPTP

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  • Domain networking issue with PPTP


    My domain is a plain vanilla MS AD network, with IP range, gateway on .1, PDC-DNS on .5 and a standalone server on .10 (this is also my VPN client in this case, WS200.

    Target network (no MS domain) uses IP range, gateway & DNS on .1

    I have managed to configure and connect a PPTP VPN without issue but I have my domain networking is messed up (for instance file shares are being disconnected, the server reported as not found on the network). Somehow my client machine can't see the other nodes on the local net when the VPN is up an my best bet is that it has to do with not resolving DNS correctly. I have unticked the default "use default gateway on remote network" and forced the DNS manually:

    However DNS is being set to both networks (note the DNS entry which is the default gateway on network B)

    Any idea / suggestion / pointer most welcome

    PS: Tried to post screenshots but they are refused by the forum software