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serious problem in 2008 and 2003 active directory

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  • serious problem in 2008 and 2003 active directory

    OA Dear all i have a very serious issue . recently i joined a organization which is window 2003 domain controller , i was given a task to install 2008r2 on new servers and stop the working of old servers . what i did i install 2003R2 on new server and made ADC of main DC , then i given 5 roles to newly installed 2003R2 server which worked fine. Then i upgrade the 2003 to 2008r2 by using adprep first and then installation. i can see all my active directory user on new 2008r2.
    Problem when i turn off my 2003 old server all the users in 2008R2 disappears and when i turn on it shows me user and computers. i have made other machine to as second domain controller but the problem still exist. i am very afraid because all my company USER profiles are in server . i want to stop working of my old server. please help me out from this issue i will very greatful to you guys.

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    Re: serious problem in 2008 and 2003 active directory

    Have you migrated DNS services to the new DCs including data. Also, verify DHCP and other services that run on the 2003 R2 DCs and ensure they are migrated over prior to turning them off.

    If you point the AD User and Computers tool at the 2008 DC, can you see all of the objects?

    Have you changed the DNS server setting for clients and servers, so they don't point at the 2003 DCs?

    Also, worth carrying out a DCDIAG.