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Setting up AD sites in existing domain

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  • Setting up AD sites in existing domain

    I have a server 2003 Active Directory domain set up across 3 seperate branches with seperate subnets and connected via a 10Mbs WAN. There is a 2003 DC in each branch but unfortunately when the domain was set up they were not configured as seperate sites in sites and services.

    Each branch has numerous workstations on its subnet, unfortuanetly I am having issues with the workstations authenticating from the correct DC's because they are not sepearted in sites and services.

    I want to change this so that it is set up correctly but am unsure of the consequences of just setting up the new sites for each branch and moving the existing DC's into the appropriate site.

    Will the workstations just start using the correct DC because of the subnet they are on?

    Will it cause any issues with Active Directory because I have moved existing servers to a new site?

    Any input is appreciated.


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    Re: Setting up AD sites in existing domain

    You can safely create the appropriate Sites and Subnets and move the Domain Controllers to the correct Site. That's the purpose of ADS&S. AD isn't going to break and domain clients should "home" themselves to the DC in their closest or home site.

    In addition, if you have subnets with clients but no Domain Controllers, you can create subnets for those locations in ADS&S and add those subnets to the most appropriate site so that those clients home themselves to the best DC, based on geography, link type and speed, etc.