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2003 AD Domain Change Problem; Member Servers didn't Change

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  • 2003 AD Domain Change Problem; Member Servers didn't Change

    Hi everyone. We attempted a 2003 AD domain rename last night that didn't
    work. I did a domain rename multiple times in my test bed with (1) 2003 AD
    server, (1) 2003 Exchange Server and (1) Windows Server 2003 to be used to
    issue the domain rename commands. Shortly before we started, I noticed the
    AD server had two domains in the logon screen's domain drop down. Domain1
    and Domain2.

    Domain1 is the old Windows 2000 domain that doesn't exist any longer
    Domain_2 is the current domain name that contains an underscore in the name
    which we wish to remove
    Domain3 will be the new domain name after the rename procedure
    We noticed an external trust between Domain1 and Domain_2 that existed on
    the AD server. Since Domain1 doesn't exist, I believe it was shut down
    before the trust was removed. Other member servers contained both Domain1
    and Domain_2 in the domain dropdown on the windows logon screen. So I went
    ahead and removed the trust and raised the domain and forest functional
    level to Windows Server 2003 from Windows 2000. Fine, all that worked good.
    I DID NOT however restart any member servers to see if that original domain
    name would have been removed from the logon screen domain drop down so I
    will never know that. Ok.

    Next We issued all the domain rename commands as the instructions elude to.
    Restarted the Windows 2003 server we used to issue the rename commands and
    that restarted with the proper one and only Domain3 in the drop down. Fine.
    Worked on the Exchange Server. Restarted it and it still had Domain1 and
    Domain_2 in the drop down along with the local server domain. I restarted
    twice as the instructions say and still, it never connected up to the newly
    renamed domain. Why???

    We looked at some workstations and the few we checked DID NOT change to the
    new renamed domain (Domain3) either. We joined Domain3 on a workstation
    fine BUT I was most worried about the Exchange Server that if I joined the
    new domain and did the xdr routine on the exchange server that it would
    just further make a bigger mess.
    So we decided to rename the domain back to Domain_2. Well, all went well
    and now all the member servers have Domain_2 but no other domains in the
    drop down. Now I feel the "trust" is finally gone.

    - Do you think this existing non existent trust is what kept the member
    servers and workstations from grabbing the new Domain3 name?
    - Could a firewall keep this from happening?
    - All of the above?
    - Do you feel I can safely attempt the rename once again and have Exchange
    follow through properly?

    Any thoughts? We really want to rename the domain so we can promote a new
    2008 DC and Exchange System....
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