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  • AD file creation

    Hey all,

    I have a question regarding AD, or GPO, or something along those lines.

    I'm creating a Home/Public shares for our users. In short, Public is going to be a set of files that everyone can access, Home is going to be files that only that specific person can access. What i want, is when i add (or update) a user in AD, i want it to create a file in both locations. The name of the file will be the username i've given the user. So, in short, it's going to look something like //home-public/public/%user%/ - //home-public/home/%user%/.

    The public folder will need the permission where everyone can access it.

    The home folder will need to have the permission where just %user% and Administrators can access it.

    What is the best way to do this, and how would i do this? Gpo's i'd assume, but if thats the case i'm going to need some direction for that


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    Re: AD file creation

    You can set a home directory in the users account profile and from memory that sets the user with the relevant permissions.

    To add the IT you need to either script it or manually add it. Sorry its been a while since i've had to do it.


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      Re: AD file creation

      I tried that and it almost works. Except it doesn't apply appropriate permissions.

      My next question is, how would i apply a GPO to certain users?


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        Re: AD file creation

        Presumably you cannot put them in an OU of their own -- that is the preferred way?
        You need to look at security filtering of the GPO (deny read for example) but this can slow down GPO application
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