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Managing AD of a mounted disk?

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  • Managing AD of a mounted disk?

    Greetings all

    I am somewhat of a AD newbie so I hope my question makes sense...

    Is it possible to take the harddrive of a domain controller PC, insert it in another PC running Server 2008 R2, ( so that harddrive is like the D: drive ) then manage that hard drive's AD settings (i.e update passwords)?

    I've read about tools like dsamain to browse disconnected ntds.dit files but my situation is I need to manage it as well.

    We are given a lot of of removable drives that are domain controllers ( 2008 and 2008 R2) which will then be sent back with updated passwords. So the preference is to hot swap them in/out instead of booting each one ad nauseum.

    Anyways I'd appreciate any help for this odd request!

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    Re: Managing AD of a mounted disk?

    Not that i'm aware of.


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      Re: Managing AD of a mounted disk?

      The mind boggles at the scenario where you are sent a drive to update a password -- has no-one heard of remote access?

      Please tell us more!

      Apart from offline admin password editors, I have not heard of any tool to do what you want, and the security risks involved seem astronomical!
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        Re: Managing AD of a mounted disk?

        Unfortunately these DCs are on isolated networks with no admin included. From our perspective we just get the occasional batch of drives that need some TLC.

        The closest I've come is the possibility of running a 2nd LDAP server to manage the ntds.dit file or maybe even booting the mounted drive in a virtual machine. Fun times!