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creating new DC with existing FQDN

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  • creating new DC with existing FQDN

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a domain name with DNS integrated zone. I have 20 computers and I am using subnet
    I have two DCs, one is primary and other is backup DC.
    I want to rebuild my DC on a new machine from scratch with the same domain name ''. But I cant turn down any of the existing DC's. When I will successfully setup my new DC then I will make both of them down.
    So, I want to know how to setup DC with DNS with the same domain name without getting my current DCs down.
    should I have to use a different subnet for it on the same network?

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    Re: creating new DC with existing FQDN

    From the AD perspective, the network subnet is not important. If you just need to bring up a new DC, the best approach is to set up a member server, then run DCPROMO on that server so that it can be promoted to a DC. When you are ready, make sure that you have the FSMO roles transferred and the GC role assigned to this new DC.

    It would probably be a good idea that you have at least two DCs running in your domain at the end of this project to ensure that your AD domain is fault tolerant and highly available.
    JM @ IT Training & Consulting