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Can not log into laptop after joining doman

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  • Can not log into laptop after joining doman

    I'm sure that this has been asked before but I wouldn't know where to start looking.

    I created a home network with Active Directory (Domain Controller), for learning purposes, and added my personal laptop to the domain. The joining was successful, however, when I went over to a friends house, I couldn't log onto my laptop kept getting a message "There are currently no log on servers available to service the logon request”.

    I could log into the laptop using the local account. However, I would like to use the domain account. I know that it can be done, since I have a company laptop that is on a domain that I can log onto the laptop without being connected to the corporate network in anyway.

    I have found several posts or web pages saying that I need to change the number of previous logons that Windows should cache. The laptop shows ten and I created a group policy on the AD for the same thing.

    However, still no luck.

    Is there anything else that I should or need to do.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Can not log into laptop after joining doman

    Cached logons are for the most recent 10 users to successfully logon to the domain, not 10 logons (logon attempts) for the same user. If you're the only user logging on to this laptop with domain credentials, and your domain credentials have been cached via at least one successful logon to the domain, then you can log on to the laptop with your domain credentials forever without ever having to have domain connectivity ever again.

    In a nutshell, cached domain credentials is not the problem here.


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      Re: Can not log into laptop after joining doman

      Yes, you should be able to log into your laptop using your cached domain credentials. Did you fool around with local group policy and change the maximum number of domain credentials to cache, make it so that authentication via the domain controller is manditory, etc.?


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        Re: Can not log into laptop after joining doman

        I made a change to the Group policy to insure that the last 10 logins are cached. Other than I didn't change anything that I know of. What should I look for?

        Thanks any assistance in advance