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    Look silly but I want to know this :

    I have the problem with DNS and found somethings I don't understand.

    The workstation in LAN set DNS Server IP Address to internal DNS Server.
    But when we input, still resolve to IP Address. So there's a connection between internal DNS Server, right ? Could you tell me how can I know where it is ?

    The other hand, if the workstation set DNS Server to ISP Server ---> couldn't resolve the internal names & IP Addresses. How can we set as above but still could resolve the internal names & IP Addresses.

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    Re: DNS questions

    All workstations in the network need to have the DNS point to the internal server (DNS Server). DNS Server points to ISP. Run the DNS MMC on server, right click the DNS server name, left click properties then click on the Forwarder tab. ISP DNS is entered here.
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