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  • DNS help

    I have two sites in a single AD Domain and forest.

    Site 1 is the main site

    Site 2 is the remote site.

    I have DNS set up as a primary zone in Site 1 and im wondering what everyone thinks that site 2 should host (there will be windows XP client machines needing to perform dynamic DNS updates).

    Should site 2 be another primary zone or a secondary zone and should i add static mappings for the hosts in Site 2 (there will be 10 machines at most at this location).

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    Re: DNS help

    I'm thinking you should have a primary ACTIVE DIRECTORY INTEGRATED zone (this is the default!) and just install the DNS service on the second DC. It will pick up the AD zones automatically. You will not need a secondary zone.

    > static mappings for the hosts in Site 2

    No, bad move. Any time you are thinking statics in an AD zone you are probably making a mistake.