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DNS issue at the time migration

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  • DNS issue at the time migration


    I have to one primary domain conroller & an Additional domain controller in my network. Both are running Active directory integrated zones. nslookup showing the domain controller as the default name server as expected. But ehen i am pinging the my domain ( from any computer, command showing the ip address of the additional domain controller instead of the primary domain controller.

    I am getting confused with the issues. Please help!!!!!

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    Re: DNS issue at the time migration

    DCs by default, will create a blank "same as parent" record with their IP address as the value. If you look at the zone, you should see this type of record for each DC in your domain. If you have Round Robin enabled for the zone, then you would expect that when you ping the domain name, you'll get either IP as a response to the query.

    If you want to PING a specific DC, then you'll need to use the FQDN of that DC, such as, not just
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