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Sharing computers between two separate domains

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  • Sharing computers between two separate domains

    We have a partnered relationship with a company and are currently sharing a remote building from each of ours main location.
    Right now the network is completely separated, we both have our own switches with different private address ranges that route back to the main office.
    Soon we will need to start sharing computers. However, right now a computer is either joined to our domain or theirs, same with usernames.

    I have already come up with a solution to put the whole building on it's own network and routing between the two. Unfortunately I know more about Cisco than Microsoft, so I'm not sure how to solve this part of the equation.

    Both of us have a different forest and a single domain each.
    I imagine setting up some kind of a trust between the two forests would be the key, however we only want this to apply to this remote location and not in our main offices.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

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    Re: Sharing computers between two separate domains

    Unfortunately, you cannot set up a trust relationship for a portion of the network or Directory. When you create the trust between the two domains, users will be able to share resources depending on the type of trust you create. Prior to creating a trust, you'll need to have DNS configured properly so that you can resolve DNS queries between both domains. This can be accomplished several ways including secondary zones, stub zones, and conditional forwarding. I usually suggest conditional forwarding because this method doesnt require the sharing of the actual zone accross two organizations. Each DNS admin would maintain their own zones and you would just allow the DNS servers to query each other for resolving records.

    What is the requirement at this remote location? Do users from both companies need to access each other systems, files, shares?
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      Re: Sharing computers between two separate domains

      Well we just had another meeting and decided for now to just create a generic domain account for the users outside our domain to log on with.
      I still want to look into a better solution though. The network being segmented this way makes it difficult to have a seamless experience for the users.

      Right now the requirements are accessing each others systems, but I can see us needing to share files and printers later on.


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        Re: Sharing computers between two separate domains

        Go with trust then -- you may need it later
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