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    Hi all,

    i have a question - we r busy implimenting AD in our company -

    what i want to know is it possible to set up printer in multiple locations and when a user log on to any of these locations the relevant printer for that location is assigned???? if possible how can it be set up????

    i.e we have four brance located all over the country each with it's own user and resources - but our users also go from location to location - so if they r from branch 1 and they go to branch 3 when they log in they have branch 3's resources (printers) assigned to their account instead of the original branch 1 resources.



    how does the printer location stuff works ???

    we have a printer on each server and when user log in the recieve the printer from that location automatically... ???

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    Re: AD Printing

    As far as I know there is no native way to assign printers to users, you'll have to use logon scripts.
    You can use GPO's to run scripts.

    I use a script that check group membership and assign the printers to the right group members and for a 'scripter' it would be easy to create a function that check the client IP and assigns printers accordingly. Perhaps by group AND IP subnet?

    Another way, which I havn't used and don't know if it is possible, could be to create GPO's on the different SITES and run a simple logon script that connect printers when the computer/user connect to it.
    Can anyone confirm/deny this option?