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Urgent AD Issue

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  • Urgent AD Issue

    Hi there.

    I wonder if someone can help me out here.

    I have a new DC in our head office that is running 2003 server that i have got AD running on so far. I know have additional 2 DC's in other offices that i want to run AD on so that we can have the same structure that we had before when we were running 2000 server. However when i try and run dcpromo on the other dc's they just simply won;t run. Is there something i am missing.

    The other AD's are offline and are not interfering at all.

    Please this is urgent.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Urgent AD Issue

    The error i am getting is.

    An Active Directory domain controller for the domain xxx.xx.xx could not be contacted.

    Ensure that the DNS domain name is typed correcly.

    I have already created the forward lookup zone and the reverese lookup zone and left them basically as default. Is there something that i am overlooking?


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      Re: Urgent AD Issue

      You need to configure DNS on the DC in the main office and point the servers at the branch office to the DC at the main site as their primary DNS server.

      btw, any reason not to upgrade te current 2K AD to 2K3 ? Why are you building a brand new AD ?
      Guy Teverovsky
      "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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        Re: Urgent AD Issue

        this might be silly to ask, but assuming you have firewalls between branch sites and main office, are you sure you're not blocking anything?

        we've had this problem on the exact message that you described. We've already made the right adjustsments on dns etc., but couldn't figure out why its giving us a dns error when we clearly have the dns entries for all the servers.

        until we captured the traffic between the main and the branch office. It died out because the dc that was being promoted needed to send an icmp to the main dc and since the firewall blocks ping traffic, it keeps dying and it gives us a dns error.

        we opened up ping exclusively to ip of the machine and after that voila, works.

        i'm not sure if this will fix your probloem, but something to think about.