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Restore AD in different Server

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  • Restore AD in different Server

    I can't boot my server due to unknow circumstances, but I have a system backup of AD, System Files, etc.

    Is there a way of restoring just the AD onto another computer to bring the AD domain back?

    I understand you need the same OS version and Service Pack, I'm trying to restore this backup to a virtual server in VMWare.

    I already have done a restore but I get a blue screen, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

    When you are restoring you cannot check/uncheck the options you want to restore like system files, AD, registry, sysvol, etc.

    Saying this in other words, I need to gain access to the domain accounts on the xp clients, but I have a gpo setting the number of cached logons to zero.

    Is there a way of installing a fresh new domain with the same name and getting the clients to autenthicate successfully?

    I'm a little too much confused how to resolve this issue, any help will be great.

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    Re: Restore AD in different Server


    Try Article 263532 on Microsoft site to see if it could help you.
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      Re: Restore AD in different Server

      The link for Article 263532
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        Re: Restore AD in different Server

        Thanks for the article, I tried the same procedure first without applying SP1 for SBS, second try was successful applying SP, The virtual machine booted up fine, I just need to verify AD is fine later this day because my backup virtual DC has the same name than the restored.