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Remotely Uninstall Applications

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  • Remotely Uninstall Applications

    I have over 200 computers right now that manage. The previous admin allowed users to install apps. I am forced to take that access away. Is there anyway to remotely uninstall unneeded applications from the users PC. All part of Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory.

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    Re: Remotely Uninstall Applications

    Seriously I would build a new clean image with only the required software and deploy it to the 200 machines.
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      Re: Remotely Uninstall Applications

      Originally posted by biggles77 View Post
      Seriously I would build a new clean image with only the required software and deploy it to the 200 machines.
      I would go this route as well. Unless, you don't have the ability. (Lack of time/help,etc)

      If you know exactly what apps you're targeting you can use PowerShell.

      $app = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product | Where-Object { 
          $_.Name -match "Software Name" 


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        Re: Remotely Uninstall Applications

        Thirded -- even if you uninstall apps, there is still the nagging doubt that you have missed something vital!
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          Re: Remotely Uninstall Applications

          In my experience, Active Directory only uninstalls applications as good as the uninstaller was written... and sometimes worse. Registry keys, data files, application folders and various gremlins remain to be found when you least expect it and are most likely to be in a hurry.

          Taking away installation privs is never fun for the user base, so make sure that there's a good application distribution system in place. AD itself is okay... but a bit inflexible at times. You might be interested in SCCM to make application deployment easier and more reliable.

          Back to your uninstallation question: Uninstalling applications that were not first deployed with AD is not fun. You'll probably want to create a reference machine and load the application that you want to uninstall. Then take a snapshot with the MSI creator of your choice. Then uninstall the application and take another snapshot. Create an MSI and deploy it. That's a bit messy... nay, that's a game of tag with molitov cocktails... if you have many different types of OSs at various stages of patching.

          Plan B: Nuke everything from orbit. Start from scratch.
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