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Adding another Domain to excisting Tree

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  • Adding another Domain to excisting Tree

    I think. Please excuse me if this is in totally the wrong area, but I need some help, to save my sanity.

    I have a top level domain, will call it Within this domain, I have one server, called keyboard.local. It hosts AD and Exchange 2010. We didn't build this, but acquired it.

    I would like to add another, mouse.local into this domain, also to host its own AD and Exchange 2010 ( they are seperate Labs, different places of the country) and at present, have no requirement to talk to each other, but they might in the future.

    When I try and install Exchange, it moans that I don't have Enterprise permissions. So I tried to remove it from the Domain ( DCPROMO) and it moaned that it could not contact the AD, and then all these errors appeared, would not even let me force dcpromo.

    So, rebuild from scratch, cleared up the metadata and all good to go, but before I make another disaster, thought I would ask you very helpful people on here ( this forum has got me out of stickies before) but after searching, could not find my problem on here or Google.

    Please help

    Kind Regards