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Domain Trusts for Dummies

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  • Domain Trusts for Dummies

    I've set up a 2nd domain on our LAN. It's a brand new configuration with a new DNS server. I'm trying to create a trust between the two domains. When I try to create the trust (through Active Directory Domains and Trusts), I get the error message:
    "Either the domain does not exist, or network or other problems are preventing connection."

    Presumably, this is because the new DNS does not know where the to find this new domain.

    Old domain:
    New domain: domain2.local

    How can I point the new domain to the IP address necessary to communicate with the old domain?

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    Re: Domain Trusts for Dummies

    Ok, I was pointed in the right direction by my boss.

    In the DNS, I went into the properties of the server and added the DNS servers for the first domain under the Forwarders tab. Very easy.