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AD Migration (Was: please need help very important????)

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  • AD Migration (Was: please need help very important????)

    dear all
    is there any method to take copy OUs and Users from active directory windows 2003 to active directory windows 2008 ???

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    Re: please need help very important????

    what are you trying to do exactly? if you are upgrading to windows 2K8 then you simply promote a 2K8 server to be a domain controller in the domain, If it is a different domain then export/import out of AD using CSVDE or use the active directory migration tool perhaps.


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      Re: please need help very important????

      thank you hazey for reply me ,, but i have ou and groups and users how to do it???
      even if you know third party application please tell me ???


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        Re: please need help very important????

        There are lots of guides on how to migrate from 2003 to 2008, here aer some links to Petri's guides.

        Personally I think you need to read up on the subject alot more, as there are a few ways to do it depending on exactuly what you would like to achive. You can create a dump of all the suers and groups and drop them in 2008, bringing all your problems and mistakes along with it, or you can Generate list files and then use them to recreate Users and Groups after you have gone though and cleaned them up.

        Personally asking for help in Moving AD, is like asking someone to help you buy a house, Unless you know exactuly what you want, they will not be able to help you. And I do not believe you have the knowledge to know exactuly what you want.

        Good to be back....


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          Re: please need help very important????

          While we are at it, after being a member for nearly a year, you should know to give your posts a much better title.

          Your current "please need help very important???" sounds as if a psychiatrist would be more suitable than an IT consultant.

          Oh, general solution, since we have no idea of the scale of the network, any critical factors or any other helpful information

          1) Scope work*
          2) Place advert for consultant
          3) Review quotes
          4) Hire consultant
          5) VERY IMPORTANT -- Pay consultant
          6) Sit back and relax while consultant performs work
          7) Review final report

          *if (1) is not possible, refer to 2-7
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