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  • GPO error

    Hello All,

    I have a strange issue with the newly created policy in AD.

    The new policy created shows that error

    "\\DC01.corp.<MyDomain>.com\sysvol\corp.<MyDomain> .com\Policies\{31B2F340-015D-11D2-995F-00C04FB984F9}\Machine\registry.pol" is not in a valid format. The file might be corrupt.

    Iam not able to edit anything from GPMC.msc console .. Iam getting error gpedit.msc cannot be found while tried editing .

    My environment is windows 2003 enterprise .


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    Re: GPO error

    Any update on this ?


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      Re: GPO error

      Here is a link to your Exact problem.... I cut and paste your Subject into google, and remove the SSID....

      So, if you spent as much time as it took to write 2 posts actuly looking, you would of found this out without having to wait.

      Hope that helps, but remember, google is your friend.

      If in asking for more details about a problem I seem to be rude, think about it this way, If I did not have to ask, I would not of been forced to be rude.

      Please assume anything and everything I say to be wrong unless I have provided links and evidence, or you have done the same.
      IE: you blow your server up following my advice, not my bad

      A OP is bad if I can go to and answer the question by pressing 4 buttons. "Ctrl +c, Ctrl +v".


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        Re: GPO error

        Thanks a lot