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Add another domain name to fqdn option

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  • Add another domain name to fqdn option

    HI GUYS.
    I HAVE An active directory domain name
    everytime i open a new user in AD next to the user name there is an FQDN option named "" that is the name of my domain.
    what do i need to do to add another domain name to this list. so that if i open a new user i will have two option to choose from. for example ""
    and MOSHE.COM in uppercase.
    it is imporant to me becuse i am working with a 3rd pary app that needs to connect to active directory but it must use an active directory account with an uppercase domain name after the "@".

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    Re: Add another domain name to fqdn option

    You can create another identically named UPN with a different case, but case is ignored so you'll still be limited to having only one user with that UPN, regardless of case.

    [email protected] and [email protected] are the same user.


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      Re: Add another domain name to fqdn option

      I thinks you should consider creating another DC say MOSHE.local and give trust to so you will have options on where the user can login. And do restrictions from there since the other is for third party. This is just me but I dont see the point in just changing the case of fqdn to upper.
      There is only one way to find Out..Its to try it and/or Do it...